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"I maintain that Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect. Truth, being limitless, unconditioned, unapproachable by any path whatsoever, cannot be organized; nor should any organization be formed to lead or to coerce people along any particular path. You must climb towards the Truth. It cannot be 'stepped down' or organized for you." - author: Jiddu Krishnamurthi

Monday, July 30, 2012

Is the next KIA Cerato/Forte Koup 2014 going to look anywhere close to the Sedan?

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Next Samsung Galaxy is a...

With the releasing of the new Teaser Video from Samsung, the Korean mobile giant has sent out clear hints to the world as to what to expect in The Next Galaxy (which by the way, if not named SIII, will probably be different from the Galaxy S range...)
1. Truly smart technology becomes a natural part of life
Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
1280x800px, @ 300+ ppi WXGA HD Super AMOLED?
2. Where a galaxy fits perfectly into your hand
Thinner than the Galaxy S2: less than 7-8mm?
3. Your view of the world grows ever wider
Wider screen: 4.8 - 5 inch ?
Camera: 10 - 12MP?
Full digital buttons?

4. As you gain the power to explore it freely and swiftly
Exynos 4412 Quad Core Cortex A9?
1 - 2GB RAM?
5. With technology that fits in this easily, you can now stand out from everyone else
Matt black casing? Contrast with the white sheep :)
S-Cloud ready?
Speculations go wild, but let's wait and see. The Next Galaxy is not referred to as the Next Galaxy S.... But the suspense is just around the corner... London, May 03, 2012.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A journey begins

Life is like walking forward on a footpath across deserted plains. The way can be winding, up-hill, down-hill, filled with obstacles, sunny, cloudy, raining or as clear as it can get. If one could take the time to stop and look around, one will find many similar people walking each in their own paths. Some paths cross each others and when they do, one get to know the persons that walk through them. Some may choose to walk along side each other for some time while others drift away quickly.

One may follow part of a path already walked by someone before or create one’s own path. What is of utmost importance is that one should understand that one’s full path was never created nor walked before. One’s path is unique and is created only as the person walks. The illusion of following someone’s path is merely walking in parallel on a given distance only.

The decision that ones take in life are like turning points. It can complete shift or a slight change in direction. One decides which way to go based on own free will. There are always several choices and each choice has its own motivations. Eventually, the highest motivational path will be taken and when one starts walking in it, one should forget all other possible paths not taken and walk the chosen one with the motivations at heart. Only then can one succeed in meeting the desired objectives...

Some walk faster than others and accomplish more distance while others walk head down at a slower pace. However all paths eventually come to an end, the walker stops walking and the path gradually fades away with dust…

Life and death

Man by nature always seeks security from death. We make up so many stories about life and death so that when the time comes for us to go away, we feel secure, and we try to take death with a smile thinking that we are going to a better world. This comforts us and makes us accept death in a more natural way. But death really is the end of it all. It sure sounds unfair but its because it is such that we make up all these stories. All these beliefs (heaven and hell) in life are meant only to take away the reality from death. You believe in God so as to feel secure at death. Cause all these come to only one point, death. There’s the beginning of life that you call birth, there’s the end of life that you call death. But there’s no beginning of death and no end of death. Death is just the end of life that’s all.

Believers spend their whole life in the hope that God exists. Non-Believers spend their whole life in hope that God does not exist. These are two extremes but both of them are in search of something. Something they all hope for and spend all their life trying to prove it to themselves. The process of seeking itself is time consuming and thus prevents you from really taking as much as you can from life. You spend your whole life questioning and looking for answers and prevent your brain from learning more. You are limiting your brain to the wall of believing or not believing and hide yourself from reality. But what if there’s nothing to look for...? There are some people who are neither of these... I don’t mean those who just blindly say "I don’t believe in God..." cause they don’t have time to think about it nor those who say "I’m a believer..." cause all you do is to believe since you are not sure of anything. But those who have learned about all religions and have finally come to the truth. The truth of reality when only then you would know the meaning of life. Don’t just reject what I say pretending that I’m wrong, don’t believe what you’ve learned or what you’ve been told pretending that these are true, but rather question it. You have a mind so take some time and think about it instead of accepting all of what people have told you or rejecting my words. Then maybe you’ll understand. Unfortunately most of us have a conditioned mind which makes us think as a Christian, Hindu, Muslim etc.. and not as Humans. To understand these you should uncondition yourself. And the first step towards this is to accept the fact that your are mentally conditionnned. The existence of God itself is not an issue cause there’s absolutely nothing to look for. Look at the world around you and face reality, that’s all there is, LIFE.

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Monday, August 08, 2011

KIA Optima Coupe?

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

True Religion

Most of us are rich with the things of society. What society has created in us and what we have created in ourselves is greed, envy, anger, hate, jealousy, anxiety - and with all these we are very rich.

The various religions throughout the world have preached poverty. The monk assumes a robe, changes his name, shaves his head, enters a cell and takes a vow of poverty and chastity; in the East he has one loin cloth, one robe, one meal a day - and we all respect such poverty. But those men who have assumed the robe of poverty are still inwardly, psychologically, rich with the things of society because they are still seeking position and prestige; they belong to this order or that order, this religion or that religion; they still live in the divisions of a culture, a tradition.

That is not poverty. Poverty it to be completely free of society, though one may have a few more clothes, a few more meals - good God, who cares? But unfortunately in most people there is this urge for exhibitionism. Poverty becomes a marvellously beautiful thing when the mind is free of society. One must become poor inwardly for then there is no seeking, no asking, no desire, nothing! It is only this inward poverty that can see the truth of a life in which there is no conflict at all.

We must find out what is a religious mind, because a religious mind brings about a new world, a new civilization, a new culture, a new outburst of energy. One must find out for oneself what is a religious mind, not be told, not be directed, not explained to.

You can only find out if you deny totally all the present religious beliefs and ideas, because it is only a free mind that can find out what is the quality of the religious mind.

A prisoner wants freedom, which means first he is caught in a prison, and then he wants freedom to leave that prison. That is only reaction. That reaction is not freedom. Freedom implies the total ending of all illusions, of all beliefs, of all your accumulated wants, desires.
A religious mind is sane, healthy.

Author: Jiddu Krishnamurti

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Monday, February 22, 2010

What is LIFE?

What is LIFE and what is the purpose of us being here?

First ask yourself why you are here. The answer is around you itself but its hard to accept it. In fact the question is not what is Life but rather what isn`t.
Imagine a plain world where there would be only one person, you, and nobody else. You would not have called this life since you would have preferred to die rather than to live alone. That is surely not life then. So why are we here then? We all want to know the meaning of life yet it’s so simple, in fact too simple for us to admit it.

Life is not when you are alone but when others are here to make you feel alive. It’s when you talk or do something and someone would respond, thus confirming that you exist in the eye of that person. It’s when people can feel or hear you. Its when you are not alone. Cause a life in loneliness seems meaningless. So it’s when people around you are reacting towards you that you feel like living. It’s when you react to someone that talks to you. But above all it’s when you love and feel loved. We are here for others. We are here to support each other and make every single person feel like living. One cannot be without two, three, four etc...

Then don’t you think it would have been the same if we did not exist?

Well if we did not exist then nothing would have changed. Literally speaking, there could as well have no living things on this earth and still that would not be of any importance. It does not matter at all. Which comes to the point that our presence here has no importance at all. We are just a result of nature just like any living creature on this planet.

The universe is really immense, if you would just think about it you would realise that we are merely like a drop of water on earth. We are nothing compared to the stars in the universe. All this might sound sad but it’s true. Don’t just accept it or deny it, rather think about it. That does not mean that our life is not worth living but rather that we have a life so better live and take the best out of it so that when time comes for you to go, you still feel happy. Not because you are happy you are leaving the ones you love but rather because you don’t have anything to regret.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What is Religion and why was it created?

If you could just sit back in your chair or in a peaceful place and set your mind at ease to think I would not have had to tell you all these since you would have figured out the answer by yourself.

Anyway here I am thinking for you again and all you would do is to learn. But you are not a machine that can only be fed with data. You have a mind that can think.

"The Leaders" as we might define here are those people who had a highly developed intellectual knowledge and in some cases might be refer to as philosophers or even religious persons. For comprehension purposes, the following explanation has been made as literal as possible for everyone to understand keeping in mind that this is a brief one.

As we have all learned, though some of us still question it, religion is one of the great creations of man. Yet it has become its worst.

In times of early civilisation, when man still had its animal instinct, the world was what it seemed to be a chaotic one. People would be killed for any reason, incest and moral issues was not of any concerned since there was no laws that were defined to be followed. Nothing to control and to be controlled. Just another species in a world of nature. As time went by and that race what we now call man grew wiser and more intelligent, a small minority started to think for others. This minority that I shall call "The Leaders" for reference purposes, had to come up with certain rules built up from solid grounds to bring an order in this race of human beings. Each time someone would do something that seemed morally incorrect; laws would be introduced to discourage others in doing that same thing. That was not an easy thing indeed, to convince people to act in a completely different manner, towards the dawn of civilisation and religious beliefs. It became more difficult to make others follow the rules since there was nothing to encourage them to do so. Then "The Leaders" realised that since man is so perfectly "designed", there should be something even more perfect that created him, GOD or is it really NATURE? Whatever, the idea was here and considering the human psychology issue, by nature man always fears the unknown. This weakness if it may be called as such was about to be exploited in favour of man himself. "The Leaders" imagined a powerful being, namely GOD, and attributed to him powers that no one on earth could ever imagine. Since he is the unknown, if people were to take his sayings seriously enough, it was possible to make them follows simple laws and at the same time fear the consequences in case they did not. So what they did really was to imagine a superior being and attribute him all the rights and powers to control the human race. Well if you think about it seriously you’d see that all they did really was to create a government type of society. Since the human race is scattered all around the world, each group (by this I mean a group comes from a different part of the world instead of race since as you would recon man is a single race) had their own beliefs and therefore own government.

That was enough to maintain a stable society and built up what we now call manhood. If you think that this is too far fetched then you don’t have an open mind enough to think about simple relative conclusions. But some of you out there are so lost in life that you need to hang up to something, to some belief, to some culture anything but be left alone. Man has also another nature, we fear loneliness. By doing this we are taking religions too seriously and you are destroying the manhood instead of consolidating it. The initial purpose was to civilise you and now that you have reached this point you are dropping again towards chaos. If you consider yourself as so civilised then don’t you see that religion no longer has its place in our society? If you were wise enough you’d see it. What’s the purpose of having dozens of government in a country when only one is already at the top of us all?

Religions have long been a governing body and now in this modern society we no longer need it. You are supposed to be wise and intelligent enough to make decisions and live life like a Man not like someone belonging to a particular group, belief, or whatever...

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